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The phones have been ringing off the hook at the offices of the “Are You Okay?” program. Apparently, Dutchess Country residents are realizing the value of such a service and its potential for saving lives. The reassurance program, which is run by the Dutchess County Division of Aging, checks on seniors who live alone. The service is now experiencing a sudden surge in new applicants, after an 89-year-old East Fishkill man fell down on his walkway and died in the cold last week. Police say that Michael Zarrelli’s body was discovered by a neighbor. The elderly man apparently slipped outside his home and was unable to get back up. County officials say the incident has served as a wake- up call for some of the county’s elderly. There have been many new applications for the service, which is run conjunction with the Dutchess County Sheriff’s Office. Under the program, seniors are greeted with a daily computer generated phone call, asking them, “Are you okay?”  If the person fails to respond after fifteen minutes, the Sheriff’s Office will contact a relative and if necessary, an officer will be sent to the home to investigate. If you’re a Dutchess County Resident who would like to participate in “Are You Okay?” , contact the Division of Aging online or at 845-486-2555.


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