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In a time when retirement nest eggs have plummeted, equity in homes has disappeared and financial institutions aren’t lending, there is a way to get cash from an asset most do not know exists. Life settlements, or the sale of an unneeded or unwanted life insurance policy, can provide a financial option that seniors are taking advantage of to alleviate the worry of outliving their retirement savings.

“With a life settlement, the policy owner is no longer responsible to pay premiums on the policy and the provider that buys the policy – such as a bank or institutional buyer – becomes the new owner,” explains John Yaker, president of Quantum Life Settlements. “However, as opposed to using the cash surrender option, a life settlement firm can offer the policy owner a significant sum of money. This could be up to eight times the cash surrender value – the amount of cash a policyholder would receive from their life insurance carrier if they simply terminate the policy.”

To find out more about  life settlements, visit www.QuantumLifeSettlements.com or call 1-877-409-0882 to get a free appraisal of your life insurance policy.

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